Leah Dunn is one of
the most compassionate people we know.   She has been fostering for us for the past few years....and works with rescue dogs, no matter what their temperament.  She ‘loves them to life’ no matter where they come from and makes them feel safe and secure.   We trust her with our kids....you can surely trust her with yours!
- Rand
ee Goldman  (Executive Director & Founder, Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue)

Spud's favorite part of the day is hanging out with Leah at lunchtime.  She walks our dog daily and gives him (and our 2 cats) lots of lovin'.  Best of all, she sends us an email every day letting us know how the walk went along with a picture...we really appreciate that attention and care!  We highly recommend you call Leah if you are looking for trusted, consistent, high-quality pet care.

- Mark B.  (Spud, Siegfried & LB’s dad)

I've had several dogs over the years and Leah is by far the best dog walker/pet sitter I've ever used.  She takes GREAT care of the dogs...and even sends you pix from the walk along with a details of what happened.  She's also stayed over night at our house and taken care of all of our animals and did a terrific job.  She is smart, reliable, conscientious, a cut above any dog walker I have used.  She genuinely loves dogs, and even volunteers at a pet rescue and fosters dogs waiting for adoption.  I couldn't have asked for better service.  She had her hands full, too, with our 2 Jack Russell/Corgi mix puppies and it didn't even phase her!
- Bonnie B.  (Blue, Lilly Belle, Tiger, Princess, Blackie & Rosie's mom)

Leah is absolutely wonderful!  She has been walking / pet sitting my dog for over 9 months and I have never met a more dependable and trustworthy person.  My dog never seems to miss me when I'm out of town, so I know he gets the attention he needs, plus I get daily updates from Leah with a picture of what he's been up to. :)  She is extremely thoughtful and takes extra care to make sure my dog is well cared for.  I couldn't ask for a better dog walker or sitter.  Thanks Leah!!!

- Shaelyn C.  (Cosmo’s mom)

I absolutely hate leaving my dogs while I'm at work all day.  I struggled to find someone I could trust not only with my dogs, but also with a key to my house.  Leah has been absolutely amazing and my stress level has decreased significantly since she began walking my dogs about 3 months ago.  She has been extremely flexible with the time of day she walks the dogs, and also with the number of visits she makes.  I have been caught late at work several times and called her to feed and walk the dogs with no issues.  I've also had to make last minute business trips and she was able to stay overnight at my house.  She sends me pictures of the dogs on their walks every day, and it really is a highlight in my day!  Leah also guarantees individual/private dog walks so I don't have to worry about my dogs getting mixed up with the group dog walkers I've seen in my neighborhood walking 6-10 dogs at a time, always one or two dragging behind the pack.

- Rachael C.  (Papi & Kona’s mom)

Leah is fantastic! She has been walking my dog, dog sitting, and cat sitting for me for the past 9 months.  She is 100% reliable and both my dog and cat love her. I never have to worry about them when I'm on vacation or working late!  I cannot say enough good things about Leah, and highly recommend her as a dog walker and sitter!
- Susana G.  (Sam & Allie’s mom)