Meet Our Team

Leah Dunn, Owner

Born and raised in Virginia, I or
iginally came to Southern California for college in 1999.  I instantly fell in love with the novelty of palm trees swaying against my dorm window -- this was my kind of place!  While I sometimes miss the charm, pace, and drawl of the South, I’ve found my home here.

After college I spent years in corporate jobs, trying to apply the Mathematics degree I’d worked so hard to earn.  Eventually, though, the cubicle walls started closing in on me, and I decided to leave the corporate world as a birthday gift to myself in 2009.  Without another opportunity lined up, I found myself spending much of my time with my Cockapoo rescue, Georgia Lou (a true Southern belle at heart).  The two of us went on hikes, played at the dog park, or just hung out together at home.  I soon realized that I should stop sending out resumes;  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days than combining my two loves – animals and the outdoors!  I began walking dogs professionally in July 2009 and founded Out On A Leash in April 2010.

I devote much of my free time volunteering for Lhasa Happy Homes,
a small-dog rescue group based in West LA.  I foster dogs for LHH until they find their forever homes.  When I'm not doing something animal-related, I enjoy reading, biking, and watching mindless TV.

Holly Dietrich

I've always loved animals.  Starting from an early age growing up in Arizona, I was lucky enough to have everything from hermit crabs to dogs!  Since moving to Los Angeles I've worked in several typical "L.A. jobs" but have found my happy place here at Out On A Leash.  

How did I find 
Out On A Leash?  I first met Leah and her foster dog at the time, Bitsy (a Shih Tzu mix), at the dog park in the summer of 2011.  I instantly fell in love with Bitsy and adopted her days later as a companion for my other pup, Frankenstein (a Maltese/Yorkie).  I became an OOAL client shortly thereafter -- and a very happy one at that!  I loved the comfort of knowing my fur babies were well cared for when I was away.  I like to give this same comfort to my clients as well!

In my spare time, I volunteer with School on Wheels.  This wonderful organization helps tutor homeless children and bridge the gap for the school they have missed.  This opportunity has led me to work specifically with domestic violence shelters, which I love.  I look forward to meeting you and your sweet babies soon!

Lika Levskaya

I am originally from Latvia, but I have resided in California for the past 17 years.  I received my B.A. in Psychology in Riga, Latvia.  I continued my education when I came to California and earned my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy here in Los Angeles.

Growing up, my family always had dogs of various kinds, including boxers, spaniels, and giant schnauzers.  I currently have a very happy, mellow blue-nose pit mix named Sunny.  I rescued her as a puppy in 2009.  We spend a lot of time playing in parks and taking walks together. 
I also enjoy hiking, watching sci-fi movies, trying new foods, and staying up-to-date with scientific advancements.  I am currently pursuing another degree online in Biology, giving me plenty of time to do what I love most: taking care of animals!

TK Temple
I'm a Pasadena native but have lived in Santa Monica for the past seven years.
  The great loves of my life from youth on were my pets.  I kept fresh and saltwater fish (and a moray eel that I hand-fed); birds; small rodents; and numerous reptiles, including various lizards, boas, and a 36-year-old tortoise named Turbo who would come when I called his name.  I also had a Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot and a house gecko named Art Gecko.  My current fur-kid is a miniature Poodle called Bogart (Bug for short), and he's my best buddy.

I owned and trained horses for 30 years and taught English riding with an emphasis on communication with the horse.  I've always been a working artist as well.  My last position as an executive assistant
was rewarding and utilized my years of IT and computer experience, but I really missed my dog while spending long days in the office.  When I left that job, it was glorious to get back into fine art and online antiques and vintage image sales, but best of all was being with Bug.  I look forward to sharing my love and enthusiasm for animals with your furry kids as well! 

My other passions are all things coffee, including roasting my own beans and questing for the ever-elusive perfect cup of espresso; buying handmade oil paints and painting; macro photography; and riding mountain bikes and motorcycles.  I'm also into muscle cars and trucks and collecting vintage and custom ukuleles.

Jacob Wenger

I was born and raised here in Los Angeles, and there were always a lot of dogs around while I was growing up. I do not currently have the space for a dog of my own, so I have a chatty parakeet named Cosmo.

I am a musician, playing and teaching piano, bass, ukulele, and trombone across the L.A. area. The upside is that I get to do what I love; the downside is that I earn very little doing it! 

Fortunately, I also love spending time with dogs. It so happened that my roommate Chuck had this great gig walking dogs for Out On A Leash, and he hooked me up!  Now I supplement my income and fill the dog void in my life by hanging out with the greatest pups in L.A.  I've already made many new furry friends, and I can't wait to meet yours!