Meet Our Team

Leah Dunn, Owner & Founder

Born and raised in Virginia, I or
iginally came to Southern California for college in 1999.  I instantly fell in love with the novelty of palm trees swaying against my dorm window  this was my kind of place!  While I sometimes miss the charm, pace, and drawl of the South, I’ve found my home here in Los Angeles.

After college I spent years in corporate jobs, trying to apply the Mathematics degree I’d worked so hard to earn.  Eventually, though, the cubicle walls started closing in on me, and I decided to leave the corporate world as a birthday gift to myself in 2009.  

Without another opportunity lined up, I found myself spending much of my time with my Cockapoo rescue, Georgia Lou (my little Southern belle).  The two of us went on hikes, played fetch at the dog park, or just hung out together at home.  I soon realized that I should stop sending out resumes;  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days than combining my two loves: animals and the outdoors!  I began providing pet care professionally in July 2009 and founded Out On A Leash in April 2010.

I devote most of my free time to volunteering for Lhasa Happy Homes,
a small-dog rescue group on the Westside.  I have the pleasure of fostering dogs for the organization until they find their forever homes.  In 2014  after five years of fostering  I finally became a "foster failure" when I adopted my second dog, an adorably quirky little Shih Tzu mix named Franklin. 

When I'm not doing something animal-related, I enjoy reading, hiking, and watching mindless TV.

Nicole Hillebrandt

I grew up with all kinds of beloved pets -- a pony when I was a kid in CT (although born in NYC), a Border Collie named Handsome Hillebrandt, the World's Best Dog, and too many cats to mention, but I am very good with all pets.  I've taken in rescues, helped tame a very feral cat (her name was Cleopatra, which was quite fitting, little did I know when I named her that at three months old), and now have a Tux cat who is just a lovebug named Tina (rescued by the Lange Foundation).  I volunteer with horses once a week in Topanga Canyon, walking and grooming them.  Also, I am very in love with DOGS.  If I could have one in my apartment, I would (but don't tell Tina that)!  

Growing up around our furry friends who are our family gives me an appreciation and understanding of the care that is needed.  Our animals are our lives in so many ways and sometimes it feels like they do own us!

I've worked in sales and the corporate world for a long time.  Now it's time to transition my love for furry animals into being your pet's caretaker.

Katie Kellogg

Hi!  I'm a Los Angeles native who's just come home after completing a master's degree in Psychology at Cal Poly SLO.  Over the years, I've worked in mental health, publishing, admin, and restaurant service, but working with dogs has always made me happiest!  Dogs have always been a part of my life.  I grew up with golden retrievers, dalmations, and Yorkies, and as an adult spent six wonderful years with my adopted shih-tzu mix, Wookie.  Now that I don't have a pup of my own, I always leap at the opportunity to pet-sit for friends and relatives!

I currently work nights as a server and like to volunteer as often as possible with rescue group Lhasa Happy Homes.  I live with my cousin, her cat, and two pot-bellied pigs.  It's an animal extravaganza at our house, in the best way possible!  I am so excited to meet new people and new doggos, and I will go the distance to make sure your furry companions receive the care they need. :)

In my spare time I love reading, baking, watching classic films, and traveling!

TK Temple

The greatest and purest loves of my life were always my pets.  I had dogs, cats, birds, horses, retiles, rodents and all kinds of fish.  In my youth I did a lot of neighborhood dog walking for free, and always managed to teach the dogs fun tricks.  I did the same with horses, spending my summers riding, training and grooming neglected horses all day.  Bonding and communicating with animals was natural for me.

Over the years I've worked in an art foundry, trained horses, dealt in vintage images, antiques and tribal art sales, worked as a bookkeeper, a barista, and in IT.  My last position was rewarding, but I really missed my dog while spending long days in the office.  When I left that job it was glorious to be working at home in my own side business, spending most of the day with Bug, getting pup kisses and snuggles, and taking him for walks.  So when I looked for full time work again, I kept looking for dog walking work, and eventually found Leah and Out On A Leash.

I love my job!  I get to meet the best doggos!  How cool is it to be greeted with big happy smiles by all of one's clients?  It's a blessing to be outside in nature, even in the city, even in the rain.  I've found happy pups have nice owners too, so interacting with both pups and their humans is a joy.  i also speak fluent Cat, and have a number of cat sitting clients.  I look forward to sharing my love and enthusiasm for animals with your furry kids, and my goal is to keep those purrs rumbling and those waggers wagging.

Jacob Wenger

I am an LA native and have been a pet care professional with Out On A Leash since 2014.  In that time I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful dogs and learned so much about animal handling and behavior!

I live with my dogs Ghost (American Bulldog), Smokie (Blue Heeler), and Mickey (chihuahua) and my parakeets Kiwi, Helo, Starbuck, and Apollo in the West LA area.  It can get pretty crazy with all the critters but I love caring for them and my goal is to always give your pets the same love and attention that my own receive!

Working on the Out On A Leash team has allowed me to gain amazing experience handling many different breeds of dogs of all ages.  I have experience with senior dogs (two of my dogs are super-seniors and I just love old dogs!) and dogs with medical conditions that require special care.  Whatever your pet's needs are, I will be there to go above and beyond for them!

In addition to this job I volunteer with some amazing rescue groups in LA and spend a lot of time advocating and networking for dogs in the shelters.  When I'm not working with animals in one capacity or another I enjoy playing and listening to music, watching and talking about movies, and of course sitting in the yard with a cold beer and enjoying the beautiful weather with my dogs.

I'm looking forward to meeting many more furry friends this year, and I hope your special companion will be one of them!