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Exercise & Adventure

Every visit or outing includes:

❖  Food and water replenishment  ❖  Medication or other special needs  ❖  Litterbox changes 
Exercise, socialization, and playtime  ❖  Lots of individual TLC  ❖  Updates with photos 

     Neighborhood Walks / Cat Visits
  Potty Break (10-15 min walk/visit)        $15  
 30-minute walk/visit                               $25
 60-minute walk/visit                               $40
 Each additional dog                                  $5

Dog-Park Excursions
60 minutes                                                 $40
Each additional dog                                 $12

Note:  We never group more than one client's dogs for any "on-leash" activities (unless by request).  Dog-park excursions are limited to 4 dogs.

Holiday Surcharge:  $5/visit
Applies to visits during Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, 
Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, and December 24 - January 1.