Meet Our Team

Leah Dunn, Owner & Founder

Born and raised in Virginia, I originally came to Southern California for college in 1999. I instantly fell in love with the novelty of palm trees swaying against my dorm window – this was my kind of place! While I sometimes miss the charm, pace, and drawl of the South, I’ve found my home here in Los Angeles.After college I spent years in corporate jobs, trying to apply the Mathematics degree I’d worked so hard to earn. Eventually, though, the cubicle walls started closing in on me, and I decided to leave the corporate world as a birthday gift to myself in 2009.

Without another opportunity lined up, I found myself spending much of my time with my Cockapoo rescue, Georgia Lou (my little Southern belle). The two of us went on hikes, played fetch at the dog park, or just hung out together at home. I soon realized that I should stop sending out resumes; I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days than combining my two loves: animals and the outdoors! I began providing pet care professionally in July 2009 and founded Out On A Leash in April 2010.

I devote most of my free time to volunteering for Lhasa Happy Homes, a small-dog rescue group on the Westside. I have the pleasure of fostering dogs for the organization until they find their forever homes. In 2014 – after five years of fostering – I finally became a "foster failure" when I adopted my second dog, an adorably quirky little Shih Tzu mix named Franklin.

When I'm not doing something animal-related, I enjoy reading, biking, and watching mindless TV.

Kristin Catalina

Hi Everyone! I’m Kristin. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and have been in Los Angeles for 6 years and in the pet-care field for 11 years. Growing up, I would visit California and fell in love with everything from the healthy living, the weather and especially how dog and pet friendly everyone is!

I have had a dog since as long as I can remember and many different breeds such as Boxers, English Bulldogs, and a Dachshund. When I moved here, I adopted a puppy named Honey who is a pit-mix. She is a big bundle of love, amazing with all dogs and very much a couch potato. She is my best friend and a big reason why I do what I do today!

I know how much fur babies are a part of the family because I have one of my own, so I will make sure they are always getting the best care possible when they are with me. In my free time I love yoga, surfing, bike rides to the beach, hiking, mediating and spending time with my family & friends. Looking forward to meeting you and your dog soon and very excited to start a new chapter with Out On A Leash!

Theresa Edwards

Hello! I’m Theresa. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and I have lived in sunny Los Angeles for the past 7 years.

I grew up with two cats and a dog, so I understand that our pets are part of the family! I adopted my own cat in 2019, and I know how important it is to find a caretaker who’s dependable, trustworthy and experienced. That’s why I will always give your fur baby the same attention and care that I give to my own.

I love animals so much that I have worked as a dog walker and pet sitter since I was a tween. My experience includes dog walking for Wag, cat sitting for Meowtel, and providing pet care for friends. I’ve been a long-time volunteer for the Seattle Animal Shelter and more recently, Pasadena Humane. I just moved to the West Side, so I am delighted to be working with Out on a Leash!

In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, hiking with friends, exploring coffee shops, taking care of my many plants, and snuggling with my cat, Mateo. I can’t wait to meet you and your pet(s) soon!

Hilary Foster

Photo and bio coming soon!

Priya Mehta

Hi there! I'm Priya. I was born and raised in Princeton, NJ and have lived in Los Angeles for about a year now!

Everywhere I've lived, I've always been surrounded by dogs. Growing up, I had a cute little Shih Tzu named Sparky who filled my childhood with so much love and joy. He lived for 14 amazing years and I learned a lot about taking care of dogs and also dogs with health issues, as he was diabetic and eventually developed cataracts in his eyes.

After Jersey, I lived and worked in Atlanta, GA where my friends and I adopted a dog together since we all lived close to on another. His name is Snoop (like D O double G), and he's a handsome shepherd mix. We taught him that when we say, "you wanna drop it like its hot?!" means "it's time to go for a walk" and he gets so hyped!

After a few years in Atlanta, I moved to LA where most of my friends have dogs that I help care for as well. Like I said, always surrounded by dogs and wouldn't have it any other way!

In my free time I love dancing, traveling, podcasting, and spending quality time with family and friends. Looking forward to meeting you and becoming your pet's new best friend!